A Zen Perspective....

Rideau Lakes
The Light of Heaven.
God's Light.
One's Own Devoted Practice.
Harmony.  Clarity.  Light.
​My first satori (Light experience) came about in my late 30's, after many years of living amidst and studying nature in Rideau Lakes Township, home of the  UNESCO world heritage site, the Rideau Canal.  My Light experience happened while cross country skiing, and at the time I was naturally relaxed and weight underside.   It began from a Zen perspective several months before I started practicing Aikido at a dojo.  Aikido is a defensive-only spiritual martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba with the goal of enlightenment called The Art of Peace .

Regularly interacting with the Light of the Universe, my greatest teacher and friend, let me come to know the Light of the Universe.    

The Light of the Universe is patience and loving kindness.  It is more gentle than the touch of a feather.  It is also clarity through misogi - purification of mind and body - which is like a baptism every day.   The Light of the Universe is Clear White Light which descends like water to the bottom of one's toes, enduring unconditional Love and great Courage.  It is warmth and gentleness.  It is relaxed, weight underside and keeping one point.  It is listening to the quiet voice within.

Over time as one learns through practice how to become more like the Light,  this can be harnessed for world peace and to make a difference in the world rather than for licentious, greedy, angry or selfish purposes.

The Universe led me on a Path of Light, and through daily practice I was provided with examples and also taught from within:  meditation, the breath of life, gratitude, harmony, kototama (word soul) and various forms of misogi.  I was shown Amaterasu art (art the Universe creates).

The Universe has a sense of humor as well as urgency.   I learn every day.  It requires discipline, hard work and diligent practice.  One's own devoted practice is what makes the difference, along with independent study, a chaste* and frugal life, an open, sincere heart and respect.  Living and working amongst and like regular people one develops a love for the Universe (similar to God in Christian terms).   

This is what the Universe has provided for me to share.  In part, or in whole, it can be practiced by single people, monastics, with one's mutually consensual, faithful intimate partner either side by side or together as one within the Light of the Universe, with friends, by men and women, by the young and the old.

Like O'Sensei, the Founder of Aikido with the Universe; or similar to a marriage with God or Mother Teresa's marriage to Jesus in Christian terms, becoming one with the Light of the Universe is the goal of Zen, Aikido, Aikikokaido as well as most religions around the world.  This is available to all individuals.

It can be practiced right where you are standing.  Alone or with others. Nothing is required other than what you already have.  It begins one simple step forward at a time.  Wherever you are right here and right now is the place to start.

Can you hear Heaven knocking?  Will you open the door of your heart to  receive Clear Light, Unconditional Love and Courage?

                                                                                     God is my Light.
                                                                                     Janice Walter
                                                                                     Founder, Aikikokaido
*A simple definition of chaste would be that which sustains clarity and Light.   Like most things, this is subject o to change as one grows.  There are several ways of doing this within the context of one's being and based on if one is single, married, monastic, clergy, a lay person, separated, divorced, widowed, etc., or some combination inbetween thereof.  One's choice should always be done with wholesome (mutual) sincerity and accord.